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Google and Blue Crabs

Monday, 08 September 2014

Google and Blue Crabs

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m wondering whether or not everybody learns a new fact a day, either by choice or more than likely per chance.

This morning I complimented an older man on his shirt as he way paying for his purchase. It was a red slim cut golf shirt with little cobalt blue crabs scattered all over it. He went on to tell me that he bought the shirt in Annapolis near Washington DC, where you can find these blue crabs scuttling along the beach. This is the first time I’ve heard about blue crabs and it was so interesting to learn that they have blue pincers and blueish bodies as they emerge from the cold sea water. They then turn red when they are cooked. I was interested in the notion that I had learned something new simply by commenting on a t-shirt. It made me realise how important interaction and communication with people is. Apart from reading books, we would learn very little by living a secluded lifestyle. I decided to Google Annapolis and its blue crabs. There are hundreds of crab restaurants that come up in the search and they say you know you are walking into one when all you can smell is crab meat and you hear the knocking sound of little wooden hammers bashing into crabs.


We live on the coast and crab eating isn’t such an event that we have whole restaurants dedicated to them. Maybe it’s because our crabs aren’t blue. But this small moment of wonder has stimulated my mind further than I would have thought it could do so. Maybe we should all be consciously reading a fact a day. Or just being more interested in the people and things around us. With Google at our fingertips it’s likely that we do take in more extra information on an average day than we did ten years ago. But then it’s usually conversation that prompts the urge or need to Google. I guess what I’m trying to say is, hang out in bookstores, notice things and be interested.