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Wedding Season

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The months from April through to June are known as the wedding season. The weather is perfect in KZN, we’ve calmed down a bit from the rush at the beginning of the year and recovered both financially and mentally from the festive season. And so weddings must be planned. People need to celebrate and what better reason than the love between two people. I wonder why my parents didn’t attend as many weddings at my age as I do now. And it seems to be a general statistic that the generation born in the 60s did not have to plan half as many wedding outfits as their 80s born offspring now do.

I’ve attended a wedding a month or more in some months and I have friends whose fridges are plastered with almost double the number of invites that are stuck to mine. It’s got me wondering. Could this be attributed to the technological age we live in? The introduction and explosion of social media and the increased efficiency of communication leading to larger friendship groups, as well as the ability to travel and work abroad with ease, growing friendship circles across the seas. Many of my friends feel that weddings govern their weekends and one event melds into the next. Not to mention the expenses of hens/bulls parties, travel and accommodation for the day, engagement gift, wedding gift – one’s spending budget for the month is gone in a click of the ‘add to cart’ button on the Yuppie Chef gift registry. Daren’t a couple forget the wedding favour on the table after all this...

Boyfriends anxiously looking over the shoulders of girlfriends excitedly tearing open wedding invites, taking the excitement as pressure to be the next responsible man to keep up the flow of invites. Engagement periods are diminishing each year. The traditional 1 – 2 year engagement has dwindled to an oh so blasé ‘I can plan a wedding in four months’. No time for conservative actions in this fast-paced life we’re leading. It’s sad that our free time is not always as ‘free’ as we’d like it to be, but what happens when there are no more weddings to attend? When we are too old to attend these events or love becomes the loser in a narcissistic society? I think we should embrace the emotions that flow freely at weddings and enjoy more frequent reunions with friends that are far flung. Rather it a wedding than a funeral we gather at. Rather be fuelling the economy by throwing these events. Rather be invited than not. Rather be part of more memories. There will be many weekends when all the people you once shared thrills and spills with at weddings will no longer take up as much of your time as they used to, and you will be left to your reverie. Or you will be the old family member only able to attend the wedding ceremony. Knowing you owned the dance floor in your time will make it all okay.